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The industry’s first digital asset marketplace. A place for professional designers, engineers, and hardcore enthusiasts. A place to sell digital assets to the masses, (cutting, printing, and machining files).

Are you an automotive enthusiast? Do you have the passion to improve your vehicle’s capabilities? From simple flat tabs to complex welded assemblies, is dedicated to providing you with professionally-designed files.


Here at DIY Musclecar, we are hardcore and dedicated enthusiasts with decades of experience in the design, development, and fabrication of automotive products.

Historically unavailable to the masses, DIY Musclecar provides professionally-designed files to automotive enthusiasts for a nominal fee. The products are simple to use and your files are ready to downloaded within minutes of purchase.

When you want to build your car from the ground up yourself, DIY Muscelcar comes to the rescue.  We cater to DIY enthusiasts, mechanics, and manufacturers.

DIY Musclecar offers different categories of products – ranging anywhere from bumpers to rear-end components. With our extensive line of products, even novice fabricators can build and assemble their dream projects.  So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking hat and get your project started with the help of DIY Musclecar files. 

Imagine, Download, and Fabricate your dream project today!

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